Oli Pink at Angmering Sixth Form in Y13 has a diagnosis of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting condition that affects all aspects of his life. Oli is wheelchair bound and has significant scoliosis which affects his posture and prevents him sitting up straight or holding a position for a prolonged period of time.

Despite all of this Oli is in the second year of his A-levels and has overcome all of these physical barriers in order to produce some outstanding art work. This has also been made possible through the incredibly supportive and inclusive Art Department at which has advised on specialist equipment to allow Oli to complete work in a manner that suits his working style. The department has also adapted the course to allow Oli to use the equipment to complete his work in the best method for him.

The other factor that has supported his progress, in addition to Oli’s determination, is the ingenious and creative ideas of the school’s wonderful Learning Support Assistant,  Mrs Short who supports him.

As these photos demonstrate,  adapting anything and everything to allow Oli to complete tasks as independently as possible. The school is so inspired by Oli’s work they have used one of his images as their ‘thank you’ card for all of the wonderful benefactors within The Lavinia Norfolk Centre.