Creative Media Production provides you with the skills and knowledge to go on and work in any sector of the media industry, whilst also preparing you for further education should you want to go to University.  Throughout this two year course you will be encouraged to be as creative as possible, giving you opportunities to learn how to use design and editing software, as well as experiment with creating media on multiple platforms e.g. creating your own websites, animations, blogs, posters, magazines and films.  You will also learn the skills you need to thrive in the industry, such as team management, directing, self and peer assessment, presentation skills and public speaking.


This course is assessed entirely through project work and coursework and suits students that are driven, well organised and can work well independently and as part of a team.  The course is separated into 7 units:

The first three units are core units and are assessed through the creative units: Music Video Production, Film Studies, Advertising Production for Television and Video and Film Editing Techniques.  Here is a summary of the creative units:

  1. Music Video Production – in this unit you learn all about the purpose and construction of music videos, whilst also researching, planning and producing a real music video of your own.
  2. Film Studies – in this unit you learn how to analyse films critically, whilst also making and creating your own marketing campaigns and producing your own lectures on films of your choice.
  3. Advertisement Production for Television – in this unit you study the art of television advertising and you learn how to make and produce your own effective television advertisements.
  4. Film and Video Editing Techniques – in this unit you explore the art of editing and consider the importance editing has in creating meaning in narratives.  You will study the full array of editing techniques, before editing your own promotional video and short film.


This course prepares you for virtually any job within the media industry such as:  Director / Scriptwriter / Animator / Sound Engineer / Camera Operator / Editor / Journalist / Presenter / Marketing / Photojournalist / jobs within the Advertising Industry / jobs within the Film Industry etc.

Entry Requirements:

Course-Specific Entry Requirements: At least 5 A* - C (you do not need a GCSE in Media) or at least 5 grades 9-4