The aims of this course are to encourage you to develop your interest in all aspects of the English language – from language and gender, to the history of English, to how social media influences our language use.  You will:


AQA English Language AS

Two papers of 1h30 mins each.  Paper 1 examines your ability to analyse and compare 2 unseen texts.  Paper 2 requires you to write a discursive essay on language diversity and a directed writing task on attitudes to language

AQA English Language A Level

Two papers of 2 hours and 30 minutes each.  Paper one examines your ability to analyse and compare two unseen texts, as well as a discursive essay on Children’s Language Development.  Paper 2 requires you to write an essay on either language diversity or language change and analysis of two unseen texts.

Non-exam assessment: Language in Action

You will have to produce a 2,000 word investigation into an area of your choice.  This is accompanied by a 1,500 word piece of original writing and commentary to accompany your language investigation.


English Language offers a wide range of potential future careers including: journalism, teaching, language therapist, social worker, marketing and PR, human resources, media.  The reading and writing skills acquired are also helpful for other A level subjects.

Entry Requirements:

5 good GCSEs (4+) including English Language and/or English Literature at grade 6+