Sociology is the critical examination of society.  Why does British society work in the way it does?

We aim for students to acquire detailed knowledge of the world around them.  We want you to question society, the reasons for behaviours and eventually apply evaluative techniques to show the examiners your knowledge and skill.

Lessons are designed and taught in innovative ways – society is exciting, so why shouldn’t lessons be?  By using different teaching techniques lessons are well paced, interactive, directed and most importantly transferring vast content to students.  Sociology will quickly become one of your favourite subjects!


AS Students Study:

A Level Students Study:

Sociology hones the student’s skills of critical thinking – with emphasis on the ability to objectively judge theories.  Students are encouraged to form their own views based upon their research and assessment of behaviours and processes in society.  Students develop skills which allow them to carry out high levels of academic research and consolidate information as essay compositions.  Ideal for university applicants or those looking to go into work.


Sociology complements a range of other subjects taught at Angmering: Psychology, History, Georgraphy, Law, Health and Social Care, Media.  This can benefit careers or further courses that focus on: journalism, history, law, social work, teaching, politics, research, business – the list goes on!!


Entry Requirements:

Course-specific Entry Requirements: Due to exam based nature of course and vast subject knowledge and skills needed, we require a GCSE level 6 or above at English and/or History.