Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware the students are currently in the process of taking their exams.  I have been impressed by the amount of focus the students are showing and I am sure they are doing the same at home.  Lessons are continuing to run until the exam in that particular subject, after which, they are suspended to allow the students to focus on their other subjects.

On Monday, the 9th of June formal lessons will recommence and the students will begin their Year 13 programme of study.  These lessons will run until Friday, 11th July.  It is vital that all students continue to attend all lessons until this date as the material covered will not be repeated in September.  Most students who are taking four AS levels will opt to drop one subject.  It is important that the students wait until their AS results before making this decision as they may have done better in a particular subject than anticipated.

The final two weeks of term have been set aside for students to undertake Work Experience and proceed with the Extended Project.  Whilst we don’t have a formal Work Experience Programme, we are happy to assist students in setting up placements should they so wish.  It is not a compulsory activity but we do encourage students to consider this and remind them that there are some university courses (eg teaching) where having completed work experience is a pre-requisite.

The Extended Project is an optional additional qualification we offer where the students undertake a project (usually a 5000 word essay in an area of their choice).  It is highly valued by university admissions tutors and does attract additional UCAS points.  For further information on this qualification, see the AQA website;

With the recent changes in university finance arrangements, there is a lot of concern amongst students and their parents regarding the university options open to them.  On 10th June at 7.00pm in the Study Room, we will be running an Information Evening for all parents and students who are considering applying to university this year

At this evening, there will be talks from a university admissions tutor on what they are expecting from students, and an ex-student who is now in her first year of university who will talk about her experiences in making a decision on where to study. I will also be discussing the all important topic of finance.  I look forward to seeing you on this evening.

Finally, for those of you who access social networking sites, The Angmering Sixth Form now has Facebook and Twitter accounts where we provide up to date information for students and parents.!/AngSixthForm  

Yours sincerely

A Kerrison

Senior Leader. Post 16 Education