Sixth Form Experience Days are a great way to help students decide on their post-16 destinations, and with our Year 12s out on work placements, we welcomed Year 10 students as temporary Sixth Formers during their two Experience Days this week.  Year 10s were offered a choice of taster lessons from the full range of Sixth Form A Level and BTEC courses from Art to Systems, and also took advantage of allocated time in the Common Room to relax and socialise, play pool and use our Sixth Form Café.  The Study Room was also a popular retreat for quiet learning or group work.


Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive, with students enjoying finding out about new courses, or challenging themselves with more independent and discussion-based learning in familiar subjects, as well as being allowed to wear their own clothes and having “free time” in the Common Room.  Many of them said that they would definitely be joining the Sixth Form, having experienced a whole day there.  A big thank you to everyone who supported the Experience Days, whether it was leading sessions, or organising the timetable.